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Vergelegen Wine Estate

Founded on 1 February 1700, Vergelegen (meaning "situated far away"), has been under the ownership of some of the world's great explorers and visionaries, each of whom, in their own way, have helped shape Vergelegen to what it is today: a world-class Estate.

With its world renowned handcrafted wines, its history spanning over 300 years, heritage, exquisite gardens and refined cuisine, it comes as no surprise that Vergelegen continues to be the choice of the discerning visitor seeking a total sensory experience. For this reason, the Estate has borne witness to many visits of heads of state and celebrities from all over the world.


Vergelegen Heritage Sites

Vergelegen's heritage core consists of the Homestead, Library, Mill Ruins, Slave Lodge site and surrounding gardens.

The residential Homestead, dating back to the 1700's, with each room authentically furnished, reflects the layered historicism of the over 300 years of Vergelegen's existence.  The Homestead also houses an Exhibition Corridor, comprising a series of pictorial panels detailing the various eras of history as well as significant visitors to the Estate.

The Library at Vergelegen, originally a winery built in 1816, was converted to a Library during the Phillips era.  It is now home to a priceless collection of Sir Lionel Phillips books including ancient and modern history, travel journals and a small collection of Afrikana and French volumes.

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Vergelegen Restaurants



The Camphors at Vergelegen award-winning signature restaurant

The Stables at Vergelegen offers a family-friendly dining experience - open for breakfast and lunch daily.

Vergelegen's mystic camphor forest is the host for a "white tablecloth" picnic.  Seasonal - from November to April.